And So It Begins

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Well, I’ve gone against my better judgment and decided to start a blog. This is probably my most terrible idea ever. More terrible than that time a year ago, when I quit my paying job to take an internship that I thought was going to be a great opportunity. I think we all know that internships never lead to anything. Trust me. I have had more internships in the past 3 or so years than I would care to count…and look where I am. At home, on a Saturday night, writing my first blog post.

This blog is loosely based on a conversation I had with a friend over dinner. It’s a running joke between the two of us, about how miserable I am (sounds worse now that I type it!). I don’t know if my misery can be attributed to bad luck, karma, or a higher power, I don’t necessarily believe in, hating me. On all levels, I believe I am a genuinely good person–I just have a nasty habit of finding the negative in almost everything, mostly in relation to myself. I am marvelously positive for my friends.

Anywhoo, he said that I should write a memoir because people love funny memoirs. I’m only 23. I doubt anyone wants to hear about how I wore a bright yellow polar fleece vest in middle school and thought I was stylish. Maybe they do, it was a fairly heinous vest and it matched a camouflage t-shirt I had. Don’t ask. It was an awkward time for fashion and being alive.

Basically, with this blog, I’m hoping to have enough misery related moments to turn into a book one day. And trust me, from just where I work, there is a backlog of misery just waiting to get out. But all of this is supposed to be funny, because humor is supposed to heal…or at least make you feel less miserable. Because if you can laugh at it, it doesn’t seem that bad. Just like that yellow polar fleece.