by M. Lizabeth Currain

This post will be short, but I feel that I must inform all 3 of my readers, that I have embarked on a quest that is currently clouding all rational thought. The quest: watching the complete 90210 (original) series. I’m already on season two and I have to say that this shit is amazing. I was too young to watch it in it’s hey-day, seeing as I was five when it first began airing, but honestly, I think that watching it now is giving me a much deeper appreciation and understanding of it’s greatness. 

I want to go further in to this, but honestly, I need sleep…I have to work tomorrow and I was up late yesterday because I was finishing up the first seasons–the season end cliff hanger?? Brenda’s period is late! And when she tells Dylan, he says, “late for what? You’re right here.” OH GOD! I laughed out loud. Perhaps on my next days off, I can elaborate more on my love for 90210 (especially Dylan!), but for now, I leave you with this, because honestly, this opening credits sequence, never gets old.