No Whistling Zone

by M. Lizabeth Currain

File this under “pet peeve” if you must, but hearing people whistle, aggravates me. I don’t mean a whistle to get someone’s attention, or whistling to hail a cab; I am talking about whistling a tune while on a train or a bus, whistling while you work, or WHISTLING FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Those caps indicated me shouting–that is how much I hate whistling! Don’t people understand that not everyone is interested in hearing them butcher innocent music notes with their inability to string them together into something decent? It doesn’t help they are always whistling at the worst possible time. No one wants to hear it in the morning before they have to go to their job they hate or in the evening after a long day at their job they can’t stand. Why are they whistling in the first place? Do they not have a job? Because if they had a job, they wouldn’t be so f’ing happy to the point that they are whistling like it is the best day in their whole g.d. life. 

I always think about telling them to shut up. Maybe saying something like, “Are you serious? Are you seriously whistling? When there are about 40 people in this subway car, who probably don’t want to hear it? Can it my friend, just f’ing can it.” Do they not realize how annoying it is to everyone? There should be “no whistling” zones, subways being the main one–or any public place, especially if it is a public place that I am likely to be at. Am I the only person who is bothered by whistling? Because if I am, I really need to rethink Earth as my planet of choice; because I’m not sure if I want to live in a world where people love whistling, it is just so, so annoying. I am normal and this is a normal feeling. End. of. story.