This is what you missed.

by M. Lizabeth Currain

So I promised a post and I’m trying to make sure I put something out so I don’t look like a huge liar or flake.

So I wanted to give all of you readers a little background on what’s been happening with me in the past year. Well…I QUIT MY JOB! Remember, that horrible job I was always talking about? Just go peruse posts in the category “work” if you are unfamiliar, so you can see why that statement deserved all caps and an exclamation point. No longer do I have to clean up human urine! Or be terrorized by customers!

So what am I doing if I was able to escape from a personal hell? Well, I am back in school. I had been thinking about going back for a graduate degree in something for a while, but I was trying to figure out what program/discipline would suit me. They don’t offer a Master’s in hatin’ and bein’ awesome, so I settled for a Master’s program in Library and Information Science. I like libraries, I like information…so the two together can’t be so bad, right?  The motivation for me to send in my application was (along with me needing to get out of the worst job ever) was the movie Party Girl with Parker Posey…

Watch this movie.

Basically, I love Parker Posey, and think she is just about the coolest actress alive. The movie is about a young NYC party girl woman, named Mary, who parties all the time and has run out of money. She goes to her godmother who is the stereotypical librarian to get money and ends up having to work for her rent by being a clerk in the library. Wackiness ensues. I don’t want to give it away, so definitely watch it. It’s even on Netflix Instant!

I was at a crossroads at the time of watching this movie. I knew that I couldn’t work at my job for much longer with out it causing me some serious mental damage…or me causing serious damage to the next fool to ask me for a discount on a $2 shirt. So after watching the movie, I was like, “If she can do it, so can I!” and I mailed my application. I got financial aid and I quit my job in September. It’s probably the best recent decision I have made. It wouldn’t be too hard to win that honor…I make a lot of bad decisions.

Now I am working part-part-time in an office on campus (easiest thing ever!) and intern one day a week in the records and archives department of organization. Classes are kind of boring and there are a lot of group projects–which I hate. I don’t like having to depend on other people for a grade. If someone sucks, they will totally bring your grade down and the only way to avoid that is to do all the work and let the others skate by on the fact that you are much, much better than they are. I’ve met some cool people and I’ve also encountered some super annoying people as well. There is no escape!

I guess I wanted to go back to school so I could try and figure things out, without the burden of being so completely miserable that I can’t think straight. Living off of financial aid is kind of nice…of course it won’t be so nice with the fed’s come knocking at my door for their money back!

Is being a “librarian” my dream? Um…no. Is it something I could do? Sure. Would I rather be paid to showcase my negativity talents? Of course! My secret nerd dream is that I have a career like Parker Posey. That is my dream. Have you seen Spring Breakdown? It’s amazing. It’s also on Netflix Instant. Watch it tonight.

But until then, I guess I can see myself doing this…

One of the best scenes in the movie.

…especially since I already make that face constantly at people.

**picture comes from Rob’s Movie Vault…check it out!