No turning back

Do you ever start watching or reading something and by the time you realize you’re not enjoying it, you’re too far into it to not finish? That just happened to me. Here’s how it all started:

Today was another incredibly hot day in NYC and I didn’t really feel like leaving my apartment. So it was just me and Netflix Instant. The only thing that could have made the day any better is if my air conditioner was actually blowing icy air into my apartment or I had a machine that made me piña coladas non-stop. Alas I don’t have either, so I had to make do with some seltzer and a sandwich. So here I am am sitting in my apartment, scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch and Netflix suggests Sesame Street: 20 Years. I love me some Muppets and the alphabet so I put it on. Let me just say, it’s really good. You should watch it. It’s not very long and you learn how to count to 20 with Herry Monster.

Speaking of Herry Monster, I was curious about his origins, so I Googled. That led me to a Muppet Wiki page, which mentioned his parts in Monsterpiece Theater. Then I moseyed on over to YouTube, where I watched several Monsterpiece Theater videos including Chariots of Fur:

How great is that?! It’s pretty great you guys. Then I clicked on the video that was listed under the suggestions, “Chariots of Fire-movie, opening scene”. And the music captivated me! I just love that theme. I’m tempted to download it on iTunes and then put it on my shuffle for when I go jogging. Folks, I went further down the rabbit hole that is the Internet and went to add Chariots of Fire to my queue on Netflix. But guess what? It was on Instant! I could watch it instantly! That’s what instant means. So I put that shit on with a quickness.

And snooze. I mean, maybe it’s because my apartment is so stifling right now, but I was totally not interested. However, by the time I realized that I was completely not interested, it was already too late. I was too far into the movie to give up on watching it. Honestly, I watched it, but I think I am going to have to read the Wikipedia page to piece everything together, since my eyes were not sending the proper messages to my brain. I hate when that happens. I wanted to like this movie dammit. The theme! I mean, come on! How can I not like the movie when the these are the first two and a half minutes:

It has all the things I like: men, the beach, running, full on credits at the beginning of a film. EVERYTHING. Yet I just couldn’t do it. This movie made me feel like a failure.

I still gave it 4-stars… I don’t want Netflix to think I’m lowbrow.