I’ve been found out

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Netflix figured out they were sending me three dvds at a time, instead of the two that I’m allowed. I am crushed. It all started with a broken copy of The Man Who Would be King. I reported it as broken and they sent me a replacement immediately. I guess when they got the broken copy back, they blindly sent me the next movie I had in my queue. But I still had two movies at home…my replacement copy of The Man Who Would be King and some crappy movie I can’t remember. This went on for almost two weeks! It was glorious! I always had a dvd to watch. And then they took it away from me. I mean they raise the prices and they can’t even do me the courtesy of letting me scam them for a little longer?


All caps felt necessary.

Sorry this is all I can muster up. I was cleaning my apartment and am now brain dead. My best friend from back home is coming to visit and I don’t want her to think I live in a slum. I mean, I sort of do. I just want to see if I can fool her into thinking otherwise. Hopefully while she is here I will be able to keep up this blogging momentum that I have. The posts will probably be shorter but I will definitely try. There will definitely be a post about me trying to relive my ‘tween (they didn’t have that word when I was actually in that age group) years by going to a NKOTBSB on Sunday with my BFF. Ya’ll are going to want to stick around for that one.

I want it that way. 90’s hairstyles and all

::photo taken by Sara over at The Girl Can’t Help It::