Vintage AJ McLean

by M. Lizabeth Currain

In honor of the fact that I am going to see the NKOTBSB concert tonight…I figured that it is only right that I make this week’s Vintage Crush AJ McLean. The love of my 13 year old’s self.


I had this picture on my wall!


Some basics (according to my memory!)

Full Name: Alexander James McLean

Born: January 9th, 1978 in West Palm Beach, FL

Height: 5’8″ (My friend and I are debating on whether or not he was 5’9″ or not…)

Albums: 8 (7 with Backstreet Boys; one solo)

Nickname: Bone (Ha! What I would have done all those years ago…and still would!)

…engaged? Don’t know. But we all know he’s making the wrong choice. The right choice is sitting right here, blogging about him!

Picture break!

This was on my wall too!


When I found this above picture on Google, my friend and I both gasped and pointed at the screen saying, “OH MY GOD”! at the same time. We were in love with this picture. I may or may not have kissed it on New Years at midnight one year…Oh don’t look at me like that! You know that you did stupid shit like that too!

Why is AJ being named a Vintage Crush when he’s really not all that old and it’s not all that vintage? Well, I was 11 when I started liking him and that is enough reason for me. This was the first celebrity that I was head over heals for. My friend and I spent countless hours talking about AJ, rewinding AJ portions of Backstreet Boy videos…it was my youth. I would have done anything to meet AJ. I honestly believed there was some small chance that I might be able to marry him! HA! Oh youth! I remember you fondly. I really don’t think I can ever love or have that much devotion to one thing ever again. There is just something about loving so blindly that only happens once in your life. And it’s probably for the best that it is with a celebrity that you will never be involved with. It’s a little depressing…but less depressing when drinking and laughing about it with my best friend.


This is when I fell in love!

I could keep posting more pictures, but I’m sure if I do that, I will never have any readers EVER AGAIN.

So, tonight, I raise my glass to AJ McLean and the dream of marrying your first celebrity crush!

Also, I may or may not have written a graphic fanfic of AJ and I when I was in middle school…HA! OH YOUTH, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!