Vintage Roy Scheider

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Welcome to another edition of Vintage Crush! This Sunday I present you with Roy Scheider!


Roy circa 1976 in Marathon Man


Why is Roy Scheider being giving such a prestigious honor? Well, I’ve been a fan of Scheider for years. I’d like to say it started with JAWS, but, my first memories of Mr. Scheider was with a little show called SeaQuest DSV. Back in the day I was all about a certain boy named Jonathan Brandis…but when I rewatched the series on Netflix, I found myself digging Captain Nathan Bridger. Obviously because I am gross and like old dudes. So I started furiously adding all things Scheider to my queue. He was quite the looker back in the day! And talented!


The Seven-Ups, 1973. He looks like a hipster!


Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Roy Richard Scheider

Born: November 10th, 1932 in Orange, New Jersey, USA; deceased (Feb. 10th, 2008)

Height: 5’9″

Films/Television: 93

Awards: Nominated for two Oscars; Best Actor in a Leading Role for All That Jazz, 1980 and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for The French Connection, 1972.

…and yes. Back in the day though, cause he’s dead now and that’s wrong.

Why do I have a vintage crush on him? Well, let me present you with two clips. The first is from the movie Marathon Man, which also stars Dustin Hoffman.



Did you see his body? The way he was doing those push-ups?! Damn! Did you see the way he took care of that guy who was trying to assassinate him? I like a man who can take care of business. And did I mention his body? Also, I have a thing for guys with strong noses….and hot bodies.


Clip number two is from one of my favorite numbers of the movie All That Jazz (1979)



I love a song and dance man! The song is also fucking amazing. This movie is actually really great and everyone should check it out.

It’s sad that such a talented actor got relegated to some terrible roles later in his career. Hollywood doesn’t recognize a good thing when they have it. I highly recommend watching some of his movies…but definitely check out SeaQuest; you won’t regret it! It has a talking dolphin!

A parting gift.


That face! So hip, so cool. What a man.


Have a great Monday!