What did you get rid of?

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Yesterday, while biking for 22 miles I started singing “Another Night” by Real McCoy. In case you all need a refresher, here you are:



It got me to thinking. When I was in middle school, I ended up donating the album “Another Night” to a rummage sale. When I was in middle school, I started really getting into British pop and alternative music (except for Backstreet Boys!) and thought I was too cool for Real McCoy. Boy was I wrong. I totally regret getting rid of that album.

First of all, Germans (and Swedes) know how to make pop music. Second, it would have saved me a couple of dollars on iTunes from having to download those songs. Those songs cost $1.29 on iTunes. That is outrageous! If only I had known that I would be longing for the musical stylings of Real McCoy 15 years later.

Also, Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” album ended up at that rummage sale also! Now I am paying for it via iTunes! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. That album was so good! It had “Always Be My Baby”, “Fantasy”, and “One Sweet Day” on it. That is basically a trifecta of musical awesomeness.

Here’s a little story about the song “One Sweet Day” for you all. When I was in 5th grade, I was convinced that that song was about the Oregon Trail. YES. The Oregon Trail. Yes, that Oregon Trail. The only explanation that I can give for me thinking that is that I was playing a lot of The Oregon Trail video game. I was thoroughly convinced. I mean, I even told people that’s what the song was about. It is clearly, NOT about The Oregon Trail.

I love that the video has nothing to do with The Oregon Trail at all, but yet I was still convinced that Mariah and Boyz II Men were giving a shout out to all those brave pioneers.



“One Sweet Day” is $1.29 on iTunes now! Seriously, if I knew then, what I know now…I would have been able to save myself at least $50 on iTunes by now.

So, my question to all you readers out there, what album did you get rid of, that you now wish you had kept? If only to save yourself $.99 on iTunes?