by M. Lizabeth Currain

Unfortunately, the date went well, which means that I really have no horrible details to share with you all. He seemed to be normal. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to describe someone I’ve been on a date with as ‘normal’. I mean there was the this guy, but he turned out to be not normal when he officially dumped me after one date. At least in my mind that is not normal. I could be wrong though. Most of what I know about dating has been learned from abc family movies. Seriously, abc family needs to hire me, they are missing out on the goldmine of awesome ideas that are in my brain.

He dressed normal. I wasn’t offended by anything that he was wearing, so points for that. Generally, I will dismiss someone fairly quickly if I think their outfit is a little weird…remember him? I can’t help it! The person you are out with is a reflection on one’s self, I don’t want people to think I am a weirdo because the guy I am with is dressed like Steven Seagal on bad (good, maybe?) day.


I wish this were a joke.


He likes Deep Space 9 and King of the Hill; these are obvious requirements for anyone that I plan on going out with. I can’t date a man who doesn’t like television. I mean, what would have to talk about? Injustice in the world, the economy, global warming? I like to keep things light! He liked that I liked Dolph Lundgren and he said I was really funny. Obviously, I’m all about a guy that laughs at my jokes and thinks I am funny. It’s all about me. That’s one thing I learned about dating from abc family. Well that or you completely change yourself in order to get a guy to like you. The latter option I’m not to fond of because that involves work. Although, sometimes I think it would be entertaining to go on a date and be really cheerful, talk in a somewhat high pitched voice, and giggle a lot to see where that gets me. I’m thinking it could either land me in an institution for when I snap because of all my suppressed rage or it could get me a really nice summer home in Cape Cod.

He was just normal. I don’t think I am used to that. He messaged me today to say that he hamd a good time and that we should hang out again soon. I agreed. We’ll see if I think he is normal on the second date or if the novelty of normality has worn off and I can find something wrong with him. Anyone willing to place any bets on that?

I do have a post date subway platform story to share with you all. However, you’ll just have to wait until Monday! I have to keep you guys coming back somehow and if that means being a blog tease, well then, so be it.