Good things come to those who wait

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Remember this blog post from a couple of days ago? The one where I posted images of really terrible, no good, very bad artwork that I created while I was in college. Remember the drawing of the lady holding the spear? If not, let me refresh your memory:


African Safari


Remember how I also told you that I photoshopped the dickens out of it? But that I couldn’t find the flash drive that I had stored the image on, thus thinking it was lost forever? Well, packing and cleaning up my apartment to get ready for my move is really paying off. I cracked open my old MacBook and was trudging through the various folders I have when I found all my old photoshop master pieces from the days of yore.

So now, I present to you, probably the greatest thing I ever drew and then fucked up with photoshop:


Yes and YES.


Apparently I was turning this into some sort of advertisement for a made up travel excursion. I’m not sure many people would want to go on a safari where their chances of having their feet bitten off at the ankles is 100%. The lions have also managed to stay very calm considering that a pudgy, middle-aged woman is sitting on them, holding a bloody spear.

I’m so talented that I scare myself sometimes. Looking at this, it’s shocking to me that my career in graphic design never took off. I mean, this is pretty amazing.