Favorite Thing: Training Montages.

by M. Lizabeth Currain

I’m alive! The date was really good. He is super cute! However, I know better than to get my hopes up…so I guess I’ll wait to see if he wants to hang out again. He hasn’t texted me or anything today…or responded to the message I sent him on OkCupid a little while ago. Apparently, it seems as though I am only cool enough for one night. Lame.

Now what you all came here for! Another one of my favorite things! This week it is training montages. I seriously can not get enough of them. This song from South Park pretty much sums up everything that is great about training montages:



I love these montages because they always have slammin’ music and can cover so much ground in only a few minutes. I honestly wish there was a company out there that specialized in making training montages for normal folk who are getting in shape. Someone follows you to your workouts for like 6 months or a year and at the end you have this five minute video of you going from lame to amazing all set to a sweet 80’s soundtrack! I think that this could be a serious money making venture. I know that I would love to have a training montage of myself! Especially when I start to take my boxing lessons next week. It might look a little something like this:



Here are a few of my favorite training montages.


I kid you not, I used to watch this movie every weekend. I had such a huge crush on Jonathan Brandis! I even wrote him a fan letter, which was not directly related to his suicide. For some reason this movie really spoke to me. He wasn’t that great at sports, but then he found something he was good at and it cured his asthma! It’s every kids dream. I always look for this movie on DVD, but I can never find it. Thank god someone put the whole thing on YouTube…now I can watch it whenever I want! I also love that his mentor in the movie is the guy from Conan. That’s credibility.


This montage has the added bonus of Chris Meloni in a half shirt!


Who doesn’t love a good white guy teaches another white guy how to dance montage? It counts as training! Dancing is a sport.


My boy Van Damme! Bloodsport was another movie I watched every weekend. TBS and TNT used to play this movie like it was going out of style. If one of my favorite things was 2-minute long screaming because you got powder in your eyes during a competition, this movie would definitely be on that very short list as well.



You didn’t honestly think I was going to make it through this post without putting this one in here, did you? This is my absolute favorite montage of all time. ALL TIME. I think I account for all 955,010 of it’s YouTube views. There is no beating it.

No Pain! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!