This Week in Searches

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Friday, yet again. Another long week of work and classes. Although, this week in my Rare Books class I got to see the Gutenberg Bible up close and personal without it being behind class. That was very exciting! What, no one else cares? Very well then, moving on. I also had to work in a group with the hipster version of a lovechild of Gee and Fulton Reed from The Mighty Ducks. I hate that kid so much. The first day of class he was wearing a track jacket, ironically, I’m assuming and A HEADBAND. But it was one of those headbands that go across your forehead like you are attending Coachella. Kind of exactly like this:


She was on “The City”…and now she models headbands.


It’s definitely going to be a long semester if I have to work with him again.

Now, to the reason why we are all here.

2011-09-02 to Today

Search Views
val kilmer 32
val kilmer shirtless 11
aj mclean 7
hurricane chow 4
val kilmer top gun shirtless 4
hilarious pet peeves 3
sylvester stallone cobra 3
lifeguard 1976 3
woman with cigarette holder 3
cobra stallone 2
empire state building experience 2
stallone 2011 2
sylvester stallone 2
half ton dad update 2
half ton mum teenager 2
alexander james mclean 2
sam elliott roadhouse 1
a.j. mclean 1
the lifeguard movie 1
the movie lifeguard 1
stallone watch 1
“feet bitten off” 1
“cigarette holder” 1
lifeguard movie 1
фингеры 1
dirty sex teen 1
okcupid boston blog 1
tlc mermaid girl 1
whistling pet peeve 1
steven seagal 1
i hate whistling songs 1
val kilmer movies 1
find humor in my misery 1
woman with giant legs 1
val kilmer willow 1
i hate whistling 1
val kilmer as madmartigan 1
whistling as a pet peeve 1
tlc transgender documentary 1
val kilmer top gun volleyball 1
jon kortajarena è gay 1
перст 1
pet peeves whistling 1
fotos de aj mclean 1
sexy librarian 1
pet peeve whistle 1
sam elliott shirtless 1
schmitts gay 1
no whistle zone 1
hilarious negative 1


Val Kilmer is this weeks winner, again! He’s responsible for 51 of the visits to this here site this week. Dude has still got it, well either that or we are all nostalgic for the way he used to look.

“Dirty sex teen”  is a slightly disturbing search term. I mean is that a thing? I guess it’s comforting that only one person used that search term. I’m also curious where on my blog it led them. I mean, I’ve talked about sexy librarians, but never dirty sex teens. Maybe this is one of those things that I am better off not knowing.

Another search for that infamous “OkCupid Boston Blog”. After I googled that term, I came across this blog 30 Dates in 30 Days. It looks like she only made it one day! I mean, come on. That’s hardly even trying. The blog is also about a year old. It’s probably best that she didn’t continue with it, she might have wound up like the girl who blogged about her date with a Magic The Gathering World Champion and how she thought he was the worst, based on that fact alone. Obviously, she is the worst. He’s kind of cute and took the whole thing rather well, without sinking to her level. At least when I blog about bad or good (so few!) dates I never put all their information out there. There is a courtesy you give to people when you blog about them. It’s kind of liking talking about people behind their backs!

People. Ugh.

Enjoy your Friday evening!