Favorite Thing: Gwildor Eating Barbecue

by M. Lizabeth Currain

It’s Saturday so that means it’s time for another one of my favorite things! This week, I present you with Gwildor from the Master’s of the Universe movie, indulging in barbecue for the first time:

First off, Billy Barty is amazing. I once contemplated getting an airbrush tattoo that said “Billy Barty Party 2011”. It was my birthday and I had been drinking. Still, it would have been a pretty awesome temporary tattoo. Second, I love Gwildor! How could a person not love Gwildor? He’s cute, has a funny voice, and likes music! He’s a classic novel and a craft beer away from having an OkCupid profile I would check out. Third, he drinks barbecue sauce from a cup, dude knows how to party!

I grew up watching this movie and this has always been my favorite part. It always made me giggle. It’s the perfect mix of everything. On a date I went on a while back, I mentioned that this was my favorite part of Master’s of the Universe and the guy I was out with said, “I never thought I would hear a girl say the sentence, ‘my favorite part of Master’s of the Universe is’, let alone have it be that”. That’s just how I roll. I could watch this clip over and over again and the awesomeness of it would not diminish for me.

If you’re in a bad mood, I dare you to watch this and not crack a smile. Just look at his face!



Check ya’ll tomorrow!