The Problem with Laundromats

by M. Lizabeth Currain



Whenever I need to clean the really important things, like say, horse blankets, they won’t let me. It’s really a shame, because that horse blanket I found in the dumpster that I re purposed into a stylish belted wrap, really needs to be cleaned.

Kidding. I don’t own a fucking horse blanket belted wrap. What kind of person do you think I am? Have I been gone that long that you think this is something I would be interested in now? Have you that little faith in me?

I took this photo when I was in Anchorage. I find it quite charming that this kind of thing happened enough times that it warranted a sign. I imagine horse hair is a bitch to clean up after.

Really, my main problem with the laundromat is the jackal that brings in his giant red boombox as though we all have a shared interest in what he listens to. In case you’re wondering; we don’t. Also, the people that spread out their clothes into seven dryers. Is it really necessary? In case you’re wondering again; it’s not.