Twitter Fight

by M. Lizabeth Currain

Well, avoiding a 16-page journal article and subsequent four-page paper I have to write this weekend has lead me to the above: a failed instigation of a Twitter fight.

TheFlaCracker started following me on Twitter for some reason. I don’t really know how or why they found me, because from what it looks like, I’m not really their key demographic. Or maybe I am? Maybe they are trying to convert me, I’m not really sure. I recommend taking a gander at the American Stinker Thinker that is under their twitter handle. I believe they are Tea Partiers or this is just really good performance art.

Well, I posted that tweet @TheFlaCracker because of these tweets from their feed:

I apologize to those of you that threw up all over your computers, but just know that you aren’t alone! I’m typing over puddles of vomit right now. That second tweet is especially obnoxious. As if all women “chose” to make a baby. Shit happens FlaCracker, I mean, you ended up here! I can only believe that you being born is an accident of epic proportions if I want to sleep soundly at night.

My favorite part about this person’s twitter feed, is (s)he–I want to assume that it’s a man, but there are women like Palin and Bachmann running around who would say dumb shit like this sooo who knows–repeats the same tweets every couple of days. They posted those gems at the end of January as well. Creativity not a strong trait among those Tea Partiers I am guessing.

So in a fit of outrage and boredom I tried to start a Twitter fight. My first ever! I’m sad to say they didn’t take the bait. At least not yet. I guess maybe there is still time. Maybe we can all get #TheFlaCrackerSUX trending on twitter.

I’ll keep you updated if this fight goes anywhere (crossing my fingers!) since I’ve locked myself in the apartment this weekend to do homework. So far, I’m failing at that too.