I Owe You One, Whitney.

by M. Lizabeth Currain

The Associated Press just broke the news a little while ago that the star of the Preacher’s Wife, Whitney Houston has passed away.

This is pretty sad news. We all knew she was troubled and had some pretty big problems with substance abuse, but everyone loves a comeback and that’s what we were hoping for. Unfortunately, that dream ended this evening.

As sad as this news is, it broke at just the right time. I know that sounds like, really, really bad, buuuuuttttttt, I was one a date that was sort of circling the drain (I paid for our drinks and he didn’t even say thank you!) and when he went to the bathroom, I checked Facebook and BAM! I had my out. Those three words “RIP Whitney Houston” were like a shining beacon of hope.

He came back and I said, “Whitney Houston DIED!” I acted deeply saddened and said I should probably get going.

Whitney Houston basically provided me with the perfect escape plan. And for that, I owe her everything.

You will be missed and I hope you’ve finally found someone to dance with, girl.