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Vintage Al Pacino

That’s right, everyone’s favorite part about Sunday is back! It’s Vintage Crush time! For those of you just joining us, I suggest you take a look here, here, and here to get a feel for what this is all about. This is where I take the time to talk about some older guys that I feel are deserving of a little bit of crushitude.

This week, I gift you all with Vintage Al Pacino.

A while back I went on a bender of old Al Pacino films. Can we just talk about how good Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico are? Those are some quality films. His a little man, but packs a lot of punch and has the kind of charismatic energy that I love in a person. I have to say that my Vintage Crush on Pacino is fairly recent, it developed in the past handful of years (unlike my crush on Van Damme which has followed me from childhood). Now that I’m a mature, adult woman, a self-assured man like Pacino is very attractive. Back in the day he had it going on. Style, personality, talent, everything. These are the kind of qualities that I think actors of this generation are slightly lacking in. There’s the odd few, but it definitely existed more in the 70s.

Men, take note: This is how wear sunglasses.

Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Alfredo James Pacino

Born: April 25, 1940 in New York, New York

Height: 5’7″ (Him’s just a little guy!)

Films/Television: He’s acted in 49 titles, produced and directed 3, and written 2.

Awards: He’s one 35 awards and been nominated for 41. He had six, six Oscar nominations before he finally won for Scent of a Woman. He’s also been nominated for three Razzie awards. The man is nothing if not diverse.

…and if I had a time machine, you can bet I would be all over Pacino. But I did have the misfortune of seeing Righteous Kill (they can’t all be winners, I know). He’s also sort of taken a turn for the troll. He might also be indulging a little too freely in the self-tanner. Also, he looks slightly crazy. But! Set that time machine to 1974 and I’ll in line with the all the other groupies.

Here’s a few more pictures for the road. These are from Serpico. When he looked super hot. Hipster-looking guys in the 70’s were definitely not as gross as they are now.

Can You Not Afford An Entire Shirt?!

In dishonor of New York Fashion Week (Feb 9th-16th) I am going to be sharing some fashion related thoughts with all of you throughout the week. As a note, I have a degree in Fashion Design and spent some time working for various fashion companies. It was the worst. I continue to have opinions about fashion, the main one being: Seriously, what the fuck are you wearing? So for the next week don your best headband and enjoy the ride.


Seriously you guys, what is the deal with half shirts? Can we just all agree that they are universally unflattering? No one looks good in a half shirt. You end up looking like you forgot the rest of your outfit in 1991. The garbage can that is American Apparel is full of them.

They are not practical; your stomach will be cold. What about summer you say? That’s what flowy tank tops are for. Invest in some. You’ll still be able to wear them when you’re bloated.

Also, guys in half shirts. Please. Do us all a favor and just stop. You look like the biggest jackass. You’re not doing yourself any favors. You’re killing lady boners and man boners. YOU’RE KILLING ALL TYPES OF BONERS.

Too be fair, it’s not all the crop top’s fault in this case. Ugh. Sorry guys, I just threw up all over my computer. I’m soldiering on, typing though the vomit.

So, please if you’re reading this, and you know of someone who is committing the heinous crime of half-shirting; report them. Take a picture of them and then force them to look at it until their eyes bleed. Like ours are bleeding. It’s the only way that we can stop this.


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