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Maybe? I’m almost 98% sure at this point that I might move out of my apartment. Decisions like these need to be made carefully and with a lot of thought. This is pretty much all I’ve been thinking about for the past few days.

Currently I live by myself. I’ve been in this apartment for almost two years; a record for me, considering that I’ve been in eight apartments in the last five years. To be fair, at least three of those were sublets while I looked for a more permanent residence. I happened upon this apartment via the magical Craigslist. The price was right at the time. Well, what I mean by the price was right, is that I was able to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Able to just get by. After almost a year of living here, I quit my job to go to grad school. I worked part-time my second semester and was able to save enough to only have to work part-time this summer. Oh, student loans; they are so wonderful until you realize you are going to have to pay them back. Now that I’m heading into the last year of grad school, I’m thinking about my future. Jobs aren’t guaranteed once one graduates and it would be nice to have a cushion while looking for a full-time job.

Now the opportunity has come up to live with a friend of mine. The room is basically about the same size as my current apartment and almost half the price. It’s a couple blocks from the park, the distance to the train is the same, and the commute is the same as well. Also, her front door doesn’t open up directly into her stove; mine does. My fridge is also in my living room. But when you’ve been living by yourself for two years, you are hesitant to give up that freedom/space for fear that you might never be able to get it back.

The pros for moving definitely outweigh the cons. I’d be saving a lot of money and maybe a change of scenery would do me good. I am sad that I wouldn’t get to say I live in Bed-Stuy anymore. There goes some of my street cred! I just hate moving in general. Having to pack up all of my shit. I’ve definitely pared down a lot of my belongings. I still have a lot of craft/sewing supplies leftover from my fashion days. Maybe in a new space I could get back into crafty stuff. Maybe I’m hoping a move will make my life better?  I really like my current neighborhood, but I seriously dislike all the dumpster diving, porkpie hat wearing, hipsters I see moving into it. They were eventually going to price me out of this neighborhood anyways. I may as well get out while the getting is good!

I think I have had two signs that point to yes in regards to moving out. Yesterday, the shelf and attached hanging bar fell out of the wall of my only closet. Then today, the power went out when I was blow drying my hair for no reason, since I had to wait around for someone to come flick a switch in the basement to turn it back on. The closet breaking though, that was, just, yeah. Also my fridge sucks. I’ve made some good memories in this apartment. Maybe it’s time to go make some memories someplace else that’s cheaper.

My brother and I also came up with a way for me to get my ABC Family movie made. I would just take that whole “365 days” blog idea and use it to blog about finding a guy to date and be able to move in with. Then I end up falling and love! It definitely has that ABC Family made-for-tv-movie quality to it. If I can’t play myself, I would like Raven-Symoné to portray me. Yes. Raven-Symoné. Do any of you have a problem with that? Also, if anyone from ABC Family is reading this and steals this idea, I WILL SUE YOU!

I leave everyone with this little bit of wisdom that I text messaged my brother earlier in regards to my mom being worried that I will be unhappy if I move: I’m unhappy wherever I am, I might as well be paying less to be unhappy!

Really though…happy as a clam. All the time. Ugh, I totally don’t want to go to work tomorrow.


That’s sort of my mood today folks.

I did make it out of my apartment today and into the city, so I think that’s sort of an accomplishment? I walked around for a little bit trying to clear my mind of negative thoughts…but was only half successful.

I have a lot of things going for me: Soon I will have a Master’s degree, I’m funny (a majority of the time), smart, independent, creative, stunning (according to that weird guy on OkCupid). Yet lately I can only seem to focus on the negative. I don’t know what it is, but I’m hoping that I will be able to break out of this funk soon. It’s no fun!

You know what is fun? Trollin’ the OkCupid profiles of men in the NYC area. Things just don’t look all that good. How come all these guys seemed to stop growing at 5’7″? And why are the ones that managed to break that barrier all weird and bro-ey? I seriously need a better hobby.

I recently signed up for a 5K race that takes place in October. This will be my first one. I am really excited about it. However, I just started jogging recently. I’m not very fast and don’t go for very far yet. And I’ve been slacking. I know I need to be gearing up for this because I want to finish with a respectable time (more so just finish at this point!). I’m having a little trouble getting motivated recently. I was doing good for a while and then I started slacking off for whatever reasons I was making up at the time. Any runners out there have a tips for a newb? I’m doing this to challenge myself and to make up for sucking at p.e. in middle school! I’ll show them!

Funny story about me being on the track team in maybe 4th or 5th grade:

I was participating in some event that involved me running around the track maybe once or twice. The details are a little hazy at this point. But lets just say I was shaped a little something like this back then:


Slow down tubby, you're not on the moon yet!


Anyways, for some reason I was on the track team and was running an event at one of our meets. Well, after one time around the track (or maybe even half way, really, it was probably half way) I. was. struggling. I wanted to give up. I think I even stopped. I may have even started crying. Ha! Right?! Well, guess who comes up along side of the track to motivate me? My mom. That’s right, my mom started clapping and cheering for me until I got going again…she even ran alongside the track cheering me on. It was truly a sight to behold.

Well, there will be none of that at this 5k. I am going to finish this strong! I just need to get my feet to the pavement. Wish me luck!


::image from Eye On Springfield::

This is what I’ve become

I am apparently a single, mid-40’s, woman in the very early 90s. I may or may not own cats. But I definitely own a sweatshirt with a cat on it. It has glitter on it, I can guarantee that.

I’ll tell you why.

I watched Three Men and a Baby (1987) while eating a pint of Haagan Daazs. AND I ENJOYED IT. Ya’ll can judge if you want, but that movie is fantastic. Danson, Selleck, Guttenberg? Selleck in shorty shorts. Montages. Plus that apartment they live in in the movie is SICK. I highly recommend you watch this film if you haven’t already. Leonard FUCKING Nimoy directed it. Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly. You should follow it up with Three Men and a Little Lady (1990).  You’re going to want to be all caught up for when THREE MEN AND A BRIDE, which is in development, comes out in 2012. I can’t wait! I’ve got a cat t-shirt and matching scrunchy picked out and ready to go.

Seriously you guys, I’m not joking. I’ve already placed my order for this beaut:

How hot am I going to look?!


I’m okay with where my life is headed. It’s like my life is following the Kübler-Ross Model. I’ve moved on from depression and am now on to acceptance. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am going to be wearing a kitten shirt. There are some things you just can’t fight.

::Buy all your cat shirts at Animal Shirts::

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