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Let Me Count the Ways

That this day was painful.

1. Lack of sleep. For the life of me, I could not get to sleep last night. It was like my brain wouldn’t turn off and I just kept thinking about everything I need to get done, things that I wish would happen, etc. I tried counteracting it by counting. It doesn’t work.

2. It’s raining. By the time I got to work, my feet were soaked.

3. At work, there are a million things to get done. One of the girls that I work with has been out of the office since last Thursday. I’m only there part time. My boss came over and felt it necessary to point out, “These books sure are piling up. Better start sending them out before people start griping.” REALLY? I hadn’t noticed that there were over 70 books that needed to be input into the database and sent out to reviewers. I thought they were for show. You pointing it out, isn’t going to make it get done any faster, especially when people keep adding to the piles and keep giving me other projects that they need completed that second.

4. My lunch sucked. It was a sandwich the size of a playing card and carrots. I need my time back so I can cook meals with leftovers!

5. On my way to class, after work, I almost slipped out of my shoe because they were so wet. I ended up buying a plain black pair of flats.

6. I bought a plain black pair of flats at Urban Outfitters. I try not to spend money there, because they rejected me for a design job.

7. My Tuesday class…I don’t even know what to say about it. I’m not so sure it’s going to be useful.

8. The Q train stopped on the bridge for about 20 minutes.

9. It took almost an hour to get home.

10. I have homework due on Thursday that I only half understand and so far, only half completed.

11. I was supposed to read 70 pages for tomorrow’s class, but I still haven’t gotten that book in the mail yet.

12. I’m still waiting for that guy to email me back!

13. Well, we got to the point where we agreed to hang out again on Saturday. But he hasn’t emailed me back about a time or a place!



Ego Boost

Well my little gems, I successfully survived my first class of the semester. I kept yawning through the whole thing, but I survived.

I’m so tired! Work and school on the same day, I think my body is in shock.

I figured I would relay this entertaining little tidbit from my day. During my lunch break, my coworker and I decided to hit up a little cafe a couple of blocks away. We use lunch as an excuse to get out of the office and refresh our brains. Normally,  I bring something to eat and we sit in this little pavement park and scope out dudes. It’s the little things that make getting through the day worth it. Today, on our way back to the office we were walking and this posse of three teenagers (maybe? Trying to tell how old someone is, is getting to be too hard.) was walking towards us. There were two girls and a boy. The boy looked a little bit like he could have been a skateboarder in 90’s hailing from California. Now, this kid looked at me kind of intently and then says as he’s passing, “You have a really nice face”. That little asshole made my day! I said, “Uh, thanks?” and continued on my way.

Too bad he appeared to be too young for me. I could be out on a date right now.

I have my Rare Books class at the NYPL tomorrow night…I’ll fill you in on what it’s like to be in a library after hours!

Good things come to those who wait

Remember this blog post from a couple of days ago? The one where I posted images of really terrible, no good, very bad artwork that I created while I was in college. Remember the drawing of the lady holding the spear? If not, let me refresh your memory:


African Safari


Remember how I also told you that I photoshopped the dickens out of it? But that I couldn’t find the flash drive that I had stored the image on, thus thinking it was lost forever? Well, packing and cleaning up my apartment to get ready for my move is really paying off. I cracked open my old MacBook and was trudging through the various folders I have when I found all my old photoshop master pieces from the days of yore.

So now, I present to you, probably the greatest thing I ever drew and then fucked up with photoshop:


Yes and YES.


Apparently I was turning this into some sort of advertisement for a made up travel excursion. I’m not sure many people would want to go on a safari where their chances of having their feet bitten off at the ankles is 100%. The lions have also managed to stay very calm considering that a pudgy, middle-aged woman is sitting on them, holding a bloody spear.

I’m so talented that I scare myself sometimes. Looking at this, it’s shocking to me that my career in graphic design never took off. I mean, this is pretty amazing.

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