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This Week in Searches

Alright, it’s Friday, it’s rainy, and I should probably be watching the two movies I have out from Netflix before it turns into Qwikster.

Let’s get down to business.

2011-09-16 to Today


Search Views
val kilmer 124
sylvester stallone cobra 39
jean claude van damme hot 30
cobra sylvester stallone 25
jean claude van damme 23
jean claude van damme naked 9
val kilmer shirtless 9
samuel elliott 8
gwildor 8
jean-claude van damme 6
jean claude van damme ass 5
robert redford mustache 5
lifeguard movie 5
jean claude van damme now 4
one ton dad 4
sylvester stallone kobra 4
schmitts gay 4
val kilmer top gun shirtless 4
jean claude van damme 2011 3
chan clon van dame sin ropa 3
sylvester stallone-cobra 3
tim daly 3
sylvester stallone 3
tim daly hot 3
i hate whistling 2
the women with giant legs 2
sylvester stallone vintage 2
one ton teen 2
hilarious pet peeves 2
van damme ass 2
tim daly wings 2
gwildor masters of the universe 2
van damme naked 2
vintage diving board 2
hipster winter 2
jean claude 2
tim daly emmy 2011 2
jean claude van damme in the splits 2
baby born with a mermaid tail 2
robert redford out of africa 2
val kilmer pics 2
jean cluade van dam/2011 2
jean claude vandame nude 2
yan clon bandam hot 2
cobra sylvester 2
jean claude splits 2
sylvester stallone in cobra 2
www stallone cobra com. 2
jonathan frakes 2
robert redford 2
lifeguard the movie 2
pic of sylvester stallone in cobra 2
robert redford hair 1
star trek 1
aj mclean nkotbsb concert pictures 1
hate whistling 1
aj mclean 1
picture of jean-claude van damme doing the splits 1
cobra silvester 1
no whistiling zone sign 1
van damme doing splits 1
tlc lady with the giant legs 1
kilmer 1
schmitts gay snl 1
pregnant mermaid 1
sly stallone cobra 1
roy scheider 1
images de sylvester stallone dans cobra 1
wallpapers of jean claude van damme . 1
jean claude van damme butt 1
val kilmer willow 1
jean claude van damme wallpaper 1
alexander james mclean 1
jean claude van damme doing splits 1
half-ton dad update 1
spring ball ariel by disney princess club 1
a.j. mclean 1
фингеры 1
mermaid young girl on oprah 1
fotos de val kilmer 1
man that nearly weighed a ton who was on tlc television show 1
val kilmar shirtless 1
no whistle zone 1
val kilmer foto 1
tlc the woman with the giant legs 1
van damme arse 1
best strip club anchorage 1
training montages are cool 1
fotos hot de jean claude van dame 1
vall kilmer 1
cigarette holder 1
luke perry gay or not 1
cartoon unicorns 1
i will give you a call this weekend 1
1976 lifeguard 1
silvester stalone kobra 1
cobra sly stallone 1
sylvester stallone cobra picture 1
jean claude van damme nude 1
pictures of unicorns and rainbows 1
lisa frank 1
cobra, sylvester stallone 1
sylvester stallone cobra pictures 1
jean-claude van damme 2011 1
sylvester stallone, as cobra 1
van damme hot 1
image de sylvester stallone dans cobra 1
shaun claude van dam 1
young val kilmer shirtless 1
jean-claude van damme ass 1
jean claude van damme underwear 1
sylvester stalone cobra 1
jcvd butt 1
van damme jean-claude 1
jean-claude 1


Okay, it’s safe to say that Val Kilmer is killing it in search terms yet again. I won’t bore you with this anymore.

Here are some of my favorite search terms this week that led people over to Hilarious and Negative Land:

chan clon van dame sin ropa, yan clon bandam hot, and shaun claude van dam. Oh my god you guys! I laughed so hard when I saw these three egregious spellings of Jean Claude Van Damme’s name. Chan Clon? Also, I like how they were looking for Chan Clon without clothes on. Is this is a human hybrid of Jackie Chan and Van Damme? That would be interesting to see. Yan Clon Bandam is hot! Shaun Claude! Is he Irish? I love that you can type in some weird variation of Jean Claude Van Damme’s name and all the search results are for him. It’s like Google knows what the people want. I mean, I typed in don clon vandan’ just for fun, and the first result is JCVD’s Wikipedia page! Priceless.

pictures of unicorns and rainbows. What? Are you in a fucking good mood or something? Get the fuck out of here. We only like unicorns and rainbows around these here parts when we are talking about someone blowing them out of their ass. I hope you learned your lesson!

luke perry gay or not. Never. And I just know it was a man searching for this information. You can’t have them all, okay? You already have some good ones, like Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Rufus Wainwright, and B.D. Wong. Leave some for us.

man that nearly weighed a ton who was on tlc television show. I just like this because of how detailed the search was. I mean, TLC has really cornered the market on “documentaries” about morbidly obese people, so all you’d have to do is type, “TLC FAT GUY” and I’m sure you’d find what you are looking for. This is part of my new life as a library student. Helping people search for things.

Meaghan, P.I…I (Private Internet Investigator).

What did you get rid of?

Yesterday, while biking for 22 miles I started singing “Another Night” by Real McCoy. In case you all need a refresher, here you are:



It got me to thinking. When I was in middle school, I ended up donating the album “Another Night” to a rummage sale. When I was in middle school, I started really getting into British pop and alternative music (except for Backstreet Boys!) and thought I was too cool for Real McCoy. Boy was I wrong. I totally regret getting rid of that album.

First of all, Germans (and Swedes) know how to make pop music. Second, it would have saved me a couple of dollars on iTunes from having to download those songs. Those songs cost $1.29 on iTunes. That is outrageous! If only I had known that I would be longing for the musical stylings of Real McCoy 15 years later.

Also, Mariah Carey’s “Daydream” album ended up at that rummage sale also! Now I am paying for it via iTunes! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. That album was so good! It had “Always Be My Baby”, “Fantasy”, and “One Sweet Day” on it. That is basically a trifecta of musical awesomeness.

Here’s a little story about the song “One Sweet Day” for you all. When I was in 5th grade, I was convinced that that song was about the Oregon Trail. YES. The Oregon Trail. Yes, that Oregon Trail. The only explanation that I can give for me thinking that is that I was playing a lot of The Oregon Trail video game. I was thoroughly convinced. I mean, I even told people that’s what the song was about. It is clearly, NOT about The Oregon Trail.

I love that the video has nothing to do with The Oregon Trail at all, but yet I was still convinced that Mariah and Boyz II Men were giving a shout out to all those brave pioneers.



“One Sweet Day” is $1.29 on iTunes now! Seriously, if I knew then, what I know now…I would have been able to save myself at least $50 on iTunes by now.

So, my question to all you readers out there, what album did you get rid of, that you now wish you had kept? If only to save yourself $.99 on iTunes?

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