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Today In Searches

I like to check the stats of my blog. Because I like to cry over how many people aren’t visiting during the day. One of my favorite things to look at is the “Search Engine Terms”…you know, those words that you type into Google, that eventually lead you here and then have you scratching your head wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. I used to do a weekly post on this, but it got kind of tiresome because people were always searching for the same thing: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ass. I mean, I don’t blame them, it’s a nice ass. And honestly, that search term has brought me a lot of viewers–but I sensed that people were probably getting tired of basically reading the same blog post week after week…for like 4 weeks.

HOWEVER! I couldn’t keep this search term to myself. Today when I was checking my stats, through my tears (seriously you guys, start making me popular!) I saw this gem: Jonathan Frakes Naked !!!!!!!!! I added those exclamation points for effect.

Someone is actually searching for a picture of a naked Jonathan Frakes! I want to know more about this person! Male or Female? Young or old? Strictly just a Next Generation fan? What are their thoughts on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

But most importantl; Jonathan Frakes naked during his peak?

Or Jonathan Frakes naked now? I guess busy, leisure shirts really get some people going?

Either way, this just confirms that I am writing about relevant topics that people in the year 2012 care about. I win the Internet!!

Frakes photo from: http://tv.yahoo.com/jonathan-frakes/contributor/32367/photos/1



Vintage Jonathan Frakes

Sunday has arrived! In case any new comers are stumbling on to this blog for the first time, Sundays are the days I troll the interwebs for pictures of older celebrities that I shouldn’t be crushin’ on, but totally am. This week I am presenting you all with Jonathan Frakes!


This is before he went all intergalactic lumberjack.


I’m naming Jonathan Frakes as a vintage crush, because a while ago I started watching Star Trek: TNG on Netflix to fill a nostalgic hole in my heart. I used to watch TNG reruns after school with my brother for the longest time, it was something we could both agree on. I remember thinking Commander Riker was pretty bad-ass and apparently as a young child, I had a thing for older guys with beards (still do?). Well, upon re-watching some episodes, the burning in my loins for Riker did not dissipate! He’s oddly passionate and stoic at the same time, sometimes he makes jokes; what more could a girl want?




Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Jonathan Scott Frakes

Born: August 19, 1952 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA

Height: 6’4″!!!!!! He is ultimate man size!

Films/Television: He’s acted in 79 titles, directed 27 titles (including Roswell!), and has portrayed himself in 28 titles. My favorite is Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction. I can never get enough of those corny reenactments.

Fun Fact: Apparently he went to Harvard to get a Master’s Degree! Also, according to imdb (reliable!) he is teaching at Rockport College in Maine…I must enroll there.

…and, ehhhh…I’m gonna say ‘no’ on this one. Now he sort of looks like that weird dad down the street that wears Hawaiian shirts. But if I had a time machine, I’d set that thing to 1988 fo’ sho’.

I leave you with the picture below. I don’t know who created it, but it is one of the best things that I have ever seen.


I wish I could take credit for this.


Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Guess What I Found?!


Another successful night of packing. I almost have my bookshelf cleared! Three boxes and one suitcase full of books and dvds; I really need to start utilizing the library. It would making packing much, much easier.

Well tonight I found a couple of gems in one of my many Rubbermaid tubs. It’s kind of insane how many of those things I have. I’m looking to turn them into a desk once I hit my new apartment. If that’s at all possible, now that I’m looking at them, it doesn’t really seem like it would work. We’ll see. I’m sure you’ll be reading about it soon enough!

On to the good stuff. I’m really learning a lot about myself during this packing process. Mainly that I had all these big ideas for craft projects that I never got started on. Also, that I collected a lot of weird stuff. Some of it I’m not even sure where it came from.

The first item from Meaghan’s Magical Mystery Miscellany: Star Trek: The Next Generation Fabric.


The only thing that would make this better is Commander Riker’s face screen printed on it.


I bought this either my sophomore or junior year of college off of eBay. Basically, this is the best eBay purchase I’ve ever made. Well, it’s a close race between this and an ALF stuffed animal. When I bought this, I think that I was going to make a vest out of it. I say this, because I found a men’s vest pattern the other night. Ugh, seriously. I think I was going to make it for a man friend of mine. He might have previously dumped me and maybe I thought that would be a good way to get him back…a fucking vest. I thought a vest was a good way to get someone to like to me again. Ha! Clearly, I was an idiot. Well, I’m glad that didn’t work out! Because now I have this left over fabric! The possibilities are endless with this. I could make shorts! Curtains! Pillowcases! Placemats! This is exciting!

The second item I found tonight is a book: Ghostwriter: A Match of Wills. YES. THAT GHOSTWRITER. I have to put this video in before I show you this book.

“He’s a ghost and he writes to us. Ghostwriter.” I want to know who is responsible for writing that line. They were obviously underpaid.


I wonder how much I paid for this.


The best part about this Ghostwriter book, beside Jamal being featured heavily on the cover is this:


The answer to the previous question: obviously not enough.


It’s signed by two of the actors from the show! Mayteana Morales played Gaby Fernandez and Todd Alexander played Rob Baker. Obviously I got this second hand, which makes me wonder who would give something like this away!? This is something that should be cherished, possibly framed. I’m not even sure where I got this, but boy am I glad that I took it home with me! So that I could forget it about it for years and then suddenly find it and think it is the greatest thing ever…again.

Packing is kind of like Christmas.

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