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Vintage Al Pacino

That’s right, everyone’s favorite part about Sunday is back! It’s Vintage Crush time! For those of you just joining us, I suggest you take a look here, here, and here to get a feel for what this is all about. This is where I take the time to talk about some older guys that I feel are deserving of a little bit of crushitude.

This week, I gift you all with Vintage Al Pacino.

A while back I went on a bender of old Al Pacino films. Can we just talk about how good Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico are? Those are some quality films. His a little man, but packs a lot of punch and has the kind of charismatic energy that I love in a person. I have to say that my Vintage Crush on Pacino is fairly recent, it developed in the past handful of years (unlike my crush on Van Damme which has followed me from childhood). Now that I’m a mature, adult woman, a self-assured man like Pacino is very attractive. Back in the day he had it going on. Style, personality, talent, everything. These are the kind of qualities that I think actors of this generation are slightly lacking in. There’s the odd few, but it definitely existed more in the 70s.

Men, take note: This is how wear sunglasses.

Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Alfredo James Pacino

Born: April 25, 1940 in New York, New York

Height: 5’7″ (Him’s just a little guy!)

Films/Television: He’s acted in 49 titles, produced and directed 3, and written 2.

Awards: He’s one 35 awards and been nominated for 41. He had six, six Oscar nominations before he finally won for Scent of a Woman. He’s also been nominated for three Razzie awards. The man is nothing if not diverse.

…and if I had a time machine, you can bet I would be all over Pacino. But I did have the misfortune of seeing Righteous Kill (they can’t all be winners, I know). He’s also sort of taken a turn for the troll. He might also be indulging a little too freely in the self-tanner. Also, he looks slightly crazy. But! Set that time machine to 1974 and I’ll in line with the all the other groupies.

Here’s a few more pictures for the road. These are from Serpico. When he looked super hot. Hipster-looking guys in the 70’s were definitely not as gross as they are now.

Vintage Michael Biehn

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Sunday gets a bad rap. It’s not her fault that she is the last day before everyone usually has to go back to work. That’s just the way the cookie crumbled for old Sunday. But no longer shall she be associated only with the dread of going back to work or school! Think of Sundays as your chance to see what weird crush I’ll have this week!

This Sunday, my gift to you is Michael Beihn!

Yes, please.


I am naming Michael Biehn as a vintage crush, because I have loved him ever since I saw Terminator. Kyle Reese is probably one of my favorite characters in a movie. Mainly for delivering this line (scoot to about 51 seconds in):


When I was in high school, I wrote a speech for a competition about how Terminator was the greatest love story of our time. I still stand by this. HE TRAVELED ACROSS TIME FOR HER! The speech was pretty epic and went over well with my peers. I think the judges at the competition didn’t know what to make of it. Obviously, those judges had their heads planted firmly up their asses in the year 1984 when Terminator came out, otherwise I would have won.

I wish this were an album cover.

Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Michael Connell Biehn

Born: July 31, 1956 in Anniston, Alabama, USA

Height: 6′! Mama like.

Films/Television: He’s acted in 85 titles. Including Tombstone with fellow Vintage Crush, Val Kilmer. He’s also written and directed two things that no one probably cares about.

Fun Fact: Or ‘Sad Fact’…it said that the studio pushed for a nomination for best supporting actor for his role in The Abyss (excellent movie!) but he didn’t get it. Boo! He should have been nominated for Terminator.

…and, just tell me a time and place.

The last part of this is about to get to’ally nerdy.


Come with me if you want to live.

“Was there someone special?” “Special?” “A girl, you know?”

No, never.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry.”

So much pain.

 “Pain can be controlled. You just disconnect it.” “So you feel nothing?”

John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn’t know why at the time.

“It was very old, torn, faded.”

You were young, like you are now.

“You seemed just a little sad.”

I used to always wonder what you were thinking at that moment.

“I memorized every line, every curve.”

I came across time for you Sarah.

I love you. I always have.

I shouldn’t have said that.

Cue the music.

Intensify the music.

I think we know when John Connor got made.

…and scene.

You don’t even want to know how much time I spent on that! But hey, at least I’m not making fan videos set to the music of Sarah McLachlan.

Have a good night everyone!

Vintage Jonathan Frakes

Sunday has arrived! In case any new comers are stumbling on to this blog for the first time, Sundays are the days I troll the interwebs for pictures of older celebrities that I shouldn’t be crushin’ on, but totally am. This week I am presenting you all with Jonathan Frakes!


This is before he went all intergalactic lumberjack.


I’m naming Jonathan Frakes as a vintage crush, because a while ago I started watching Star Trek: TNG on Netflix to fill a nostalgic hole in my heart. I used to watch TNG reruns after school with my brother for the longest time, it was something we could both agree on. I remember thinking Commander Riker was pretty bad-ass and apparently as a young child, I had a thing for older guys with beards (still do?). Well, upon re-watching some episodes, the burning in my loins for Riker did not dissipate! He’s oddly passionate and stoic at the same time, sometimes he makes jokes; what more could a girl want?




Some basics according to IMDB:

Full Name: Jonathan Scott Frakes

Born: August 19, 1952 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA

Height: 6’4″!!!!!! He is ultimate man size!

Films/Television: He’s acted in 79 titles, directed 27 titles (including Roswell!), and has portrayed himself in 28 titles. My favorite is Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction. I can never get enough of those corny reenactments.

Fun Fact: Apparently he went to Harvard to get a Master’s Degree! Also, according to imdb (reliable!) he is teaching at Rockport College in Maine…I must enroll there.

…and, ehhhh…I’m gonna say ‘no’ on this one. Now he sort of looks like that weird dad down the street that wears Hawaiian shirts. But if I had a time machine, I’d set that thing to 1988 fo’ sho’.

I leave you with the picture below. I don’t know who created it, but it is one of the best things that I have ever seen.


I wish I could take credit for this.


Enjoy your Monday everyone!

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